Pregnancy | Postpartum Carpal Tunnel Relief

Pregnancy | Postpartum Carpal Tunnel Relief
During pregnancy, carpal tunnel can be caused by excess fluid in the extremities. This excess fluid can cause compression of your nerves / vessels that can contribute to that pain in your wrists. Postpartum carpal tunnel can be caused by nursing your babe all day and holding babe in awkward positions! Here are helpful tips to help you relieve  carpal tunnel during and after pregnancy! 

Solutions to Carpal Tunnel

 Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt baths are amazing at decreasing inflammation in your body! Take 2 cups epsom salts and soak for 20 minutes! Make sure to keep hydrated during your soak. We love using electorlytes such as LMNT throughout the day to keep hydrated. More on LMNT, read below!

Bracing For The Wrists / Forearms

By bracing your wrists at night, it will help the fluid drain easier and help to release the compression on your nerves. This can be a big tool to have postpartum to help with carpal tunnel.


Wearing compression socks on your feet is a great option to decrease the inflammation in your legs! But, wearing compression socks on your arms is also an option! Just cut off the feet and wear the long socks on your arms to help drain them! 

Forearm Extension Stretch

Maintaining mobility in your forearms is key to keep your muscles loose to help decrease the tension on your nerves with pregnancy / postpartum carpal tunnel! Start with having your arm out long and bring your fingers towards your body just like a stop sign! 

Forearm Flexion Stretch

In that same position the next stretch you will do will stretch the top par of your arm. Slowly bring your fingers towards the floor and pull your wrist down for a good stretch!

Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymph system is key to get rid of inflammation in your body! By moving your body your muscles squeeze the lymphatic system to push the fluid out! To help with drainage at home, you can massage your arms to pull the fluid from wrist to heart [ where the lymph drains ]. You can use this technique all over your body! Especially on legs if you notice excess swelling in your feet during pregnancy.

Kinesiology Taping

This helps support your new mom arms with the postpartum carpal tunnel pain you are having. Taping helps carpal tunnel pain by supporting your musculature by taking weight off of the tendons. The tape also provides a "lifting" support on your skin allowing the fluid to flow more comfortably underneath the skin. This will also help increase blood flow to the areas that need more support when you are experiencing carpal tunnel. Take the tape and apply about a 30% stretch to the tape and apply with the tape stretched to the area of choice! 

For More Information

Electrolytes are amazing at decreasing inflammation! By increasing your minerals it helps to pull the inflammation out of the cells and helps to hydrate your tissues! Our favorite brand is LMNT. It is SALTY and tastes amazing!

Postpartum carpal tunnel can also be caused by upper neck / back tension causing compression on your nerves! WATCH THIS VIDEO on how to stretch out your upper body!

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