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Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
*** Solutions to Carpal Tunnel ***
- Epsom salt baths : decrease inflammation while relaxing musculature.
- Bracing for the wrists / forearms.
- Compression socks on the forearms for lymphatic drainage
[ cut off the feet + use on your arms ]!
- Wrist stretching! 
1. Forearm extension stretch : stop sign, pull fingers towards face
2. Forearm flexion stretch : pull fingers toward ground 
- Lymphatic Drainage : [ Using bio freeze to decrease friction on the skin ] Push from the wrist up the forearm on both sides [ pushing everything towards the heart ]. You can also use this technique on the triceps - from the elbow toward the shoulder.
- Kinesiology taping : this helps support the musculature by taking weight off the tendons; it decreases inflammation by increasing blood flow; + helps with muscle proprioception. Apply 30% stretch to the tape + apply with tissue stretched. ***Listen to video for more details.***

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