What is COLIC? How can we help?

What is COLIC?  How can we help?
Colic is extremely common in little ones! Typically this means there is something going on in their body that creates tightness, making everything they do super uncomfortable leading to unconsilible crying + difficulty sleeping!
Here are CHIRO FOR MOMS // CHIRO FOR KIDZ. We are your colic experts. 
During each visit we cater to each individual patient, and we involve parents in the treatment providing techniques that they can do at home to help their little one thrive! Doing the at home exercises is equally important as the in office techniques we perform at the clinic. 
We do not have treatment plans in the office, therefore we will not push patients into long treatment plans.

More about Colic

Colic is derived from the word colon. When we are treating colic, we are focused on the digestive system and how it’s functioning. This tension in their bodies can develop into constipation, reflux, diaphragm tightness, feeding issues, or generally not being able to relax their body. If they are unable to relax, this can trigger that unconsilible crying and difficulty sleeping leading to extreme discomfort and tired / exhausted parents. 
In our clinic we use our hands to treat. We use either vibratory stimulation or sustained pressure; similar pressure used to check the ripeness of a tomato or avocado. When we create more fluid movement in their bodies, they are able to relax and reduce the colicy symptoms that they are having.
When treating colic we are are specifically focused on the mid back, low back and pelvis. These are the areas that innervate [ supply information to ] the upper and lower digestive systems. 

Digestive Support

Want to know more information on how to support their digestive system? Check out this VIDEO!

Do you have a digestive supplement to help with constipation? Here is MAGNESIUM CITRATE FOR KIDZ!

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