Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric Nutrition

prenatal, postpartum, + pediatric nutrition

There is so much noise & confusion surrounding nutrition: what foods we should be eating & avoiding, allergens, inflammatory, “healthy” or not & we, as mothers, just want what is best for us & our growing families! A few key components for nutrition at any stage of life:  

  • Choose high quality meats: farmer & organic
  • Organic, whole-milk, grass fed dairy 
  • Organic fruits & veggies ("Dirty Dozen & Clean 15" lists are a great way to start!)
Let’s dive into some prenatal nutrition so you best know how to take care of yourself & that sweet, growing baby! Now that you have found out you are pregnant, you naturally want to do everything possible to ensure the health of your baby.
Our top two essentials: 
  • Iron and Vitamin B Foods: whole grains, beans & legumes, and dark green leafy vegetables (HELLO KALE!)
  • Multivitamin & zinc: essential to assist in the growth & development of your baby.

Moving onto postpartum: that sweet baby is here!

  • A full-spectrum probiotic to help with thrush & candida overgrowth and keep your immune system boosted
  • Cooked veggies & soups/stews for easier digestion
  • Low-energy foods: take it easy on your digestive system & allow your body to focus on healing!

Through every stage of pregnancy, water is absolutely vital! Most women do not need that reminder, but I’m throwing it in there just in case :) 

Around 6 months: baby is becoming interested in what you are eating & may even try to grab your food! Pediatric nutrition can be fun, terrifying & stressful all at the same time.. Let's start here: 
  • Keep it simple and HAVE FUN! 
  • One new food each week, cooked, warm & pureed if possible
  • Steer clear of fruits & cruciferous veggies at this point, until baby gets more teeth to be able to chew their food more & for an easier time digesting.

As always we are here to help! 

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