Prepping for Labor and Delivery

Prepping for labor and delivery

Prepping for Labor and Delivery can be overwhelming! Let CHIRO FOR MOMS help! We share our favorite biomechanical techniques that help prep mama’s body for labor with video demonstration for you and your partner!

Prepping for Labor and Deliver

1. Webster Technique


The Webster Technique is a technique for pregnant women specifically performed by chiropractic specialists. Starting at 30 weeks of pregnancy, this technique is used to optimize the natural physiology of the woman's body during the end stages of pregnancy - it is a great way to prep for labor + delivery! This technique focuses on your sacrum (tailbone), surrounding ligaments (round ligament + sacrotuberous ligament), hip flexors (Iliopsoas), pelvis (low back) + pubic symphysis (crotch bone).

The technique involves muscle and ligament work in conjunction with pregnancy specific chiropractic adjustments. Using a specialized women’s pillow with areas for bellies and boobs, mama lays comfortably while we address any restrictions we find within the pelvis. [More on what this treatment looks like.] 

Prepping for Labor and Delivery

2. Side Lying Compression: 

By compressing downward in this position you can flare the wings of the pelvis and open the sacral area that lies between the two. This helps baby move down and open the birth canal, making it a great first step for labor prep! Make sure to do both sides + have mama breathe through the stretch. See this demonstrated in the video at the end of this post!

Prepping for labor and delivery side lying compression

3. Adductor “Stripping”

The thigh adductors are the inner thigh muscles that are responsible for pulling your thighs together. They begin at the pelvic rim, which is close to your crotch and insert to the middle part of the thigh and lower leg. Stripping [ massaging ] the adductors involves applying pressure in the direction of the muscle fibers in order to restore normal muscle length and promote local circulation.

4. Belly Sifting 

Belly sifting, also known as Rebozo sifting [ from Spinning Babies ]  is traditionally a Mexican birthing technique that is commonly used by doulas and midwives today. This technique is effective in providing pain relief for mama by taking pressure off the low back and relaxing the uterine ligaments and abdominal muscles. It also helps get baby properly positioned for birth!  Traditionally this was accomplished by using a Rebozo scarf, but any scarf you have at home will work! See the partner video below for a demo of this technique.

If you want more, contact your doula or midwife!

Prepping for labor and delivery belly sifting

5. Sacral Rocking

Sacral rocking is another hands-on technique for labor preparation. Similar to side-lying compression, the goal of this is to open up the pelvis and birth canal for baby. Using a broad hand contact, place one hand on the front of mama, right above the crotch bone and the other hand on mamas back side, right above the tailbone, Visualize this as a rocking motion, as you lift with your front hand and push with the back hand. See this demonstrated on the partner video below!

Prepping for labor and delivery sacral rocking

6. Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is not a treatment modality that we use at CHIRO FOR MOMS, however, it is one we refer to a lot [ especially with labor and delivery preparation ]. Acupuncture uses small needles in specific body points in order to stimulate a certain response.


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