Top 5 Stretches you Need this Holiday Season

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Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz will be enjoying our HOLIDAY BREAK for 2 weeks: December 20 - January 3rd! To get you through the holidays pain free, we are sharing stretches you can do at home + even in your car!

Chiro for Moms, Chiro for Kidz, holiday break 2020
We are looking forward to a much needed break to rejuvenate over the holidays! Being able to connect with our families and ~ disconnect ~ from work + social media is something we are so grateful for. That being said, we always miss treating and we want to insure that our community is prepared for the aches and pains. Let's be honest, we've all been caught in the "couch slouch" online shopping! 
We shared a fun reel of our favorite stretches @chiro_for_moms that you can do while Holiday baking! Lets break it down ~ hold each for 10-30 seconds :
  1. Grab a towel and stretch out those shoulders and ribs! Lean side to side and lengthen through the side body! 
  2. Instead of rolling cookies, use your baking roller and roll out that tight IT band on the outer leg! Go right down to the knee! Then roll out the medial leg too! 
  3. Stretch that upper pec by leaning into a kitchen cabinet in between mixing cookies! 
  4. Find that counter to get your psoas stretch in! Lean into the counter and tilt forward -leading with your pelvis. 
  5. End off with a nice low back stretch while you are bending forward to put cookies into the oven! Elongate through that low back to create space! 
As always don't hesitate to reach out with questions /// thoughts surrounding this topic! 
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