Top 5 Things We Recommend for Pregnant Mamas

top 5 pregnancy recommendations

Top 5 recommendations for mamas at any stage of pregnancy!



Exercise Ball

- get yourself a pregnancy / exercise ball [ be sure to check the size based on your height - for example : 5'5" needs a 55cm ball - you always want your legs to be at a 90 degree angle when seated on the ball ]


Epsom Salts [to help decrease inflammation]

- don’t be afraid of Epsom salts [ pour in a tub for a 20 minute bath to help decrease inflammation contributing to aches and pains ]



- don’t wait to get a sleeping pillow *** see the list below ***

Sleep Belt

Body Pillow


(just be mindful of your neck when sleeping with this pillow)

Sleeping Wedge

Belloost Mama Pillow [ like the one we use in the clinic ]

Inner Tube [ in case you have exercises / hip openers you'd like to perform belly down ]



- get adjusted!!! by a Webster certified doc ( who also does muscle work )



- water!!! Preferably with additional hydration from a B vitamin additive 

As a patient - use the link below to purchase: