Meet Stephanie Sinclair - The woman behind How 2 Mom

Meet Stephanie Sinclair - The woman behind How 2 Mom



Meet Stephanie Sinclair, the amazing prenatal and birth doula that will be speaking with Dr. Jesse at our January event!


The best part about Stephanie is that she's authentic and sweet natured.  She's a listener but also offers guidance.  She's been through real mama-related experiences ... including three uniquely different births of her own.  She's a mama warrior with a huge heart!


She is a wife and mom of 3. She has a 5 year old daughter and boy/girl one-year-old twins. She is also a Birth DoulaHealth and Wellness EducatorBlogger, but most of all…. lover of women, especially moms! She best describes her life as beautifully chaotic!


Stephanie founded How 2 Mom in 2015.  How 2 Mom is a community and support group for moms with many services offered. They are constantly growing and expanding on what they provide mamas. Whether you are just thinking about conceiving, struggling getting pregnant, home with littles, school-aged kiddos, or are an empty-nester, How 2 Mom is a home for you.


As the founder, she has the privilege of connecting with moms all around the country on a daily basis providing support, encouragement, and whatever it is that they need at that moment. She also enjoys sharing her stories, what she’s learned and all things motherhood through How 2 Mom’s blog.


Stephanie’s goal is to continue to grow, finding ways that she can add more value to families when they need it most. She knows as a community we are stronger together and the opportunities for helping others are endless. 

And psssst ... she won Twin Cities Collective's Best of 2018 : Best Parent Blogger!  So go check out her website + blog!



Why How 2 Mom – How 2 Mom

When I became a mother, I was overjoyed, excited, terrified, anxious, overwhelmed and lost, just to name a few emotions. I spent hours reading, researching, and obsessing about what advice to listen to, what products to use, what teaching method to follow, and everything else under the sun.