What is the Webster Technique + Top 5 Ways to Avoid Pain Postpartum

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Did you know that not only does Dr. Jesse Lillejord specialize in treating women, she is also an expert who is certified in the Webster Technique.

You may be asking what this technique is?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment. This technique used to optimize the natural physiology of the woman's body during the end stages of pregnancy.  You might hear people talk about it being used to flip a breech baby (a baby who is in the wrong position for delivery), which can happen with this technique, though it is primarily performed to help the mother with proper position of her pelvis so that baby is in the best position possible and so that mama is in the most comfortable position as well (less pain).

There are many pieces to the Webster technique - and each woman’s treatment will vary, but this technique can help greatly with round ligament pain as well as pubic symphysis pain in pregnant women. 

In the clinic not only do we offer this treatment - but we also have a specialized women’s pillow on our treating table to make this and the adjustments for mama’s and ALL women so much more comfortable!  The pillow has special areas for bellies and boobs so mama can lay in an ideal position to take pressure off of the low back and allow for her back to be in an optimal position for treatment. (You need to lay in this pillow to see how great it is! We use it for our non-pregnant ladies as well - because none of us women are flat!) 

We hope this give you a better understanding of what the Webster Technique is and how we use this in the clinic.  You can also check out the full video about the Webster Technique on the website HERE.


In addition to care leading up to delivery (as described in the information above), there are 5 basic ways to avoid optimal physiology and alignment to avoid pain during the recovery phases of delivery.  Now, we will be getting more specific at our event this weekend, but these are the top 5 general tips for avoiding pain.

1. Carry with 2 hands / 2 arms (avoid using only 1 arm when carrying your baby and / or carrier).

2. When you are bending down to lift anything, engage your core.

3. Use your legs, rather than your low back, when you're bending down to grab or lift anything.

4. Use your ball (whether it's to stretch, strengthen, balance, or even bounce your baby).

5. Stretch! Allow yourself 5 minutes (yes, that's all) each day.


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