How Often Should You See a Chiropractor?

how often should you see a chiropractor


CHIRO FOR MOMS was built with a very different vision from a typical clinic…especially when it comes to being treated.  
We get asked A LOT how often a person should be treated by a chiropractor.
You can listen to an in-depth video by Dr. Jesse HERE.
With that said, we are here to treat your pain. Which means we don’t charge initial exam fees …. and we don’t set you up on unnecessary treatment plans. We provide honest feedback on what will serve you and your body most. While for some this may mean coming in for visits more frequently than others, there also is a great treatment timeframe that we believe will keep your body feeling its best.
Our bodies are constantly in motion. Which means those joints are always moving, and muscles are always pulling. We want you to learn your body - which is why we also provide many resource videos on stretching and general maintenance care. 
In the clinic, we ourselves are treated on a monthly basis, just to keep everything in line. We truly believe this helps with our overall self care. By coming in monthly you get to see how great your body feels when it is re-aligned. Outside of a monthly treatment, it then becomes easy to notice when something feels “off” in your body….and when you may want additional care. And this is where we leave it up to you! 
So as we, in the clinic, practice monthly maintenance care ourselves - we use this as a great starting point for patients as well. Again, the doctors will share their recommendations on your personal care based on your unique situations.
We hope this helps a lot. Never feel afraid to reach out for more information on this topic!
live your best life.