Specialized Women's Pillow

Specialized Women's Pillow

What makes CHIRO FOR MOMS different? We cater to women and their unique physical needs.

One of the many differences with our clinic is our specialty pillow on the treating tables for women!

Women are not flat - surprise surprise!!  We have curves and areas of our body that are not meant to lay flat on a table. Did you know that the specialty pillow on our treatment table accommodates for these differences in women’s bodies? This pillow has a place for boobs and bellies - so you can lay down and relax with your body fitting comfortably in the pillow.

This pillow is not only comfortable, but also meets the realistic needs of women.  For example, did you know that our pillow can be extremely helpful for women with breast cancer? When a woman is going through all of the obstacles of breast cancer and treatment (even years after), it can be very painful to lay flat on her stomach and breast tissue. Our pillow gives these women a chance to lay flat and take the pressure off of the chest area while they receive an adjustment. 

Also, this pillow accommodates for the ever changing demands of a pregnant woman’s body.  The pillow has detachable inserts that can be added or removed based on the needs of the woman and her belly.  This is incredibly beneficial because each month of pregnancy can present with different challenges physically.

We specialize in women because our bodies are so different then men. The way our bodies shift and adjust throughout the different stages of our lives means that we need a different approach to our care.  Women have more play in their pelvis, which can lead to many different presentations of pain.  At CHIRO FOR MOMS, we focus in on all aspects of a woman’s pain, including the surrounding muscle tissue.  With a specialty focus on soft tissue muscles, women receive care that is all encompassing.  We’re able to do that because of this pillow.  We’re able to treat areas of the back with precision because the woman’s back is relaxed and resting in a neutral position.  It’s a win-win for both patient and chiropractor alike.

Our specialty pillow acts as a big hug.  It literally hugs all the areas of a woman’s body.  It’s comforting, relaxing, and might even make you want to take a snooze.