Pelvic Support Belt | Low Back Pain | Crotch Pain | SI Pain

Pelvic Support Belt | Low Back Pain | Crotch Pain | SI Pain
Our famous pelvic support belt!

What Does The SI Belt Help With?

During pregnancy you have the relaxin hormone flowing throughout your body. This makes your ligaments and structures become loose in prep for labor and delivery. The pelvic support belt helps to allieviate pain when you are up and moving around. It helps with low back pain, crotch pain [ lightning crotch / SPD ], and SI joint pain. We recommend wearing it when you are going out for long walks, or if you are standing all day at work.

How Do I Wear It?

Start with the center of the band directly over your tailbone. Then, take the band and wrap it around your waist below belly. Make sure to pull it nice and tight attaching the front pieces together. This is much easier if you have a partner assisting you to get that tightness you want.

Make sure the belt is over top of your crotch bone [ pubic symphysis ] below belly! Then, take the velcro pieces and pull them together on either side of your body and place them ontop of the belt. You can control the tension here, if you want more, pull harder, if you want less, then pull less. 

It should feel instantly relieving, supportive, and comfortable around your pelvis. Walk around with it on and see how it feels before you head out for your walk!

Where Can I Find One?

Find different bands that we LOVE on our AMAZON STOREFRONT!

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