7 Nutrition Necessities for Pregnancy

7 nutrition necessities for pregnancy

Curious as to which nutrients you need during your prenatal journey? We share the top 7 nutrients your body NEEDS during this pivotal time. 

Six Nutrition Necessities for Pregnancy, Chiro for Moms 

During pregnancy, your body demands a lot of change and energy in order to support your growing baby! There are some key nutrients that your body needs during this time and we are going to share 7 of them with you! In our online prenatal course, we go over these nutrients and more detail and relate them to a variety of health conditions! We also provide key foods that would support these nutrients! 

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Seven nutrition necessities for pregnancy

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PRENATAL: before babe arrives

7 nutrition necessities for pregnancy

1. Calcium

This mineral can help with heart burn and GERD symptoms that often occur during pregnancy! Dairy products are a great source but you can also get calcium from certain nuts and seeds. 

2. B Vitamins

Whenever thinking about B vitamins, you can think about energy and metabolism. They are absolutely essential in numerous metabolic pathways. During pregnancy, you are going through one of the most energy-demanding times of your life, so it’s no surprise that these vitamins play a big role! You’ll also want to focus on this postpartum.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is another essential mineral during times of growth! It plays a role in protein synthesis and the functioning of our muscle and nerve cells.

4. Folate

This list wouldn’t be complete without folate! Folate is actually a specific B vitamin that’s essential in times of growth and development because of the role it plays in cell replication and division. It is especially important for proper development of the nervous system!! 

POSTPARTUM: after babes arrival

7 Nutrition necessities for pregnancy

5. Iron

Iron is required for your body to make blood. Rebuilding your blood stores after giving birth is key in the healing process!

6. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has so many functions within our body! If you are breastfeeding, we consider this an essential focus since your nutrition is your baby’s nutrition.

7. Omega-3’s [DHA] 

DHA is a key component to every cell in our body. It plays role in your baby’s brain development. It does pass through breast milk so mama’s levels are important [but there are also options for supplementation].

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