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Top 7 Tips for Working & Studying At Home

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Working from home? School from home? Here are tips to avoid soreness and stiffness as we navigate our time spent at home!

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Our team at CHIRO FOR MOMS demonstrates at home working solutions! All of our suggestions focus on optimal biomechanics for long hours of sitting, working, and studying!  

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Insta post [click here to watch] : Top 7 Tips for Working & Studying At Home


1. Take breaks and STRETCH!

7 tips for working from home, Chiro for moms stretching
Taking breaks throughout your day to stretch can be a game changer! Focus on any sore or tight areas in the body. With sitting, there are a number of muscles that can become tight such as your traps and psoas muscles. Check out our Stretches + Exercises Page to find what you need!

2. Stand at your desk

7 tips for working from home, Chiro for moms

Standing at your desk can eliminate a lot of the problem-causing posture habits. This tip is great for anyone who struggles with low back pain and neck tightness!

3. Raise your computer monitor to above eye level

7 tips for working and studying at home, chiro for moms

Raising your computer or device at or above your eye level will help with anterior head carriage! We all look down repeatedly throughout the day, which can lead to this forward head position. The effects of this include headaches, migraines, neck tightness and stiffness. There are certain products available but you likely have a solution at home (like Dr. Paige and her stack of books)!

4. Get out and RUN around! 

Chiro for moms, run around

Get outside and run after your chickens like our team member Meredith does! Or you could take a walk around your home / outside for 5-10 minutes. Moving throughout your day can help you achieve more physical activity over all, plus you will be more alert and focused when you do return to your work or studies! 

5. Roll a towel up for lumbar support for your low back

7 tips for working and studying at home, chiro for moms

Roll up a small towel, blanket or pillow and place it behind your low back to induce a natural lordotic curve (adding rubber bands to each end will also help to hold it in place). This is also a great tip for long car rides!

6. Sit in a supportive chair [rather than your couch]

7 tips for working and studying from home

As strong as your low back may be, it still needs adequate support, especially if you are sitting the majority of the day. Use a supportive chair or check out tip #7!

7. Use an exercise ball 

7 tips for working and studying from home, chiro for moms

The best investment you'll ever make is an exercise ball. They have so many uses, including being an alternative to a desk chair! It's also the perfect solution for some of us that don't love to sit still! [BONUS:: we recommend using it for a variety of stretches and exercises!]


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