5 Kidz Conditions You Didn't Know Chiropractors Treat

5 Kidz Conditions you Didn't Know Chiropractors Treat

Chiropractic benefits, especially for kidz, can cover a widespread of conditions. In this post learn about FIVE common conditions that you didn't know your chiropractor could treat + how to spot them!

5 Kidz conditions you didn’t know chiropractors treat, chiro for Kidz, pediatric care

1. Tongue Tie // Lip Tie Support

"Tongue + Lip Ties" refer to a restrictive connection between your upper/lower lip to your upper/lower gums, respectively. We all have that connection, but issues arise when that piece of tissue is too tight or connecting too closely to the teeth. Both ties fall under an umbrella term "tethered oral tissues" or TOTs. Chiropractic care and CST cannot make tongue and lip ties disappear. What they can do is decrease the restriction and tension throughout the body, which improves mobility. Getting the tethered oral tissue revised by a pediatric dentist is critical in removing the baby’s tongue/lip tie. Chiropractic care & CST help support the revision by removing any tension in the body. This allows the body to get ready for the revision as well as aid in the healing process! 

Chiro for Kidz, 5 conditions you didn’t know chiropractors treat

2. Chronic Ear infections 

Chiropractic care and CST can help children overcome ear infections by improving eustachian tube shape and allowing for fluid to drain out of the ear more easily. The eustachian tube is the tube that flows out of that middle ear area and travels to the back of the nose. This tube functions to control pressure within the middle ear. When there is added fluid in any of these areas, people experience a tremendous amount of pain due to the change in pressure. Ear infections are common in children because their eustachian tubes are more horizontal than adults and drainage is more difficult. Ear infections cause pain as well as make it difficult for a kiddo to hear, speak, move and pay attention. Our chiropractic care with ear infections involves adjustments and oral muscle releases to help the Eustachian tubes drain, removing any substances and restore normal pressure in the inner ear.  For anecdotal evidence, read about Dr. Jesse's Ear Miracle! 

Watch a video demonstration on a kiddo >>> Sinus + Ear Drainage 

Chiro for Kidz, 5 conditions you didn't know chiropractors treat
3. Gassiness//Constipation

Practically all infants run into gassiness and constipation issues. Shockingly, one area you will see us address with this presenting issue is the infant's neck. It's an important area to address with any digestive symptoms, as the major GI nerve exits the skull and passes directly in front of the first spinal segment. Because of their close proximity, any misalignments in the upper neck can affect the function of this nerve. Additionally, we provide unique, individualized home techniques, like alternatives to tummy time + gastric mobility exercises!

Chiro for Kidz, 5 kidz conditions you didn't know chiropractors treat

4. Colic 

Colicky baby? You aren’t alone. A baby with colic has a few distinct [and frustrating] symptoms. Chiropractic can help calm the little one’s nervous system to address them all! There are 4 hallmark signs that you and your baby may be dealing with colic:

  • Sudden + intense crying :: crying episodes lasting minutes to hours. When they cry they may clench their fists, tense their abdominal muscles, and arch their back.
  • Difficulty falling asleep + staying asleep :: your little one will cycle between sleep and crying spells.
  • Irregular eating :: baby feeds irregularly although they seem to have an appetite. You may also notice them taking in a lot of air when nursing//bottle feeding. 
  • GI symptoms :: frequent gas, constipation, diarrhea.
Chiro for Kidz, 5 Kidz conditions you didn’t know chiropractors treat

5. Reflux // Spitting up 

GERD stands for GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease. This is basically a fancy way of saying that the sphincter/valve between your esophagus and stomach isn't functioning properly.  Most often the sphincter muscle is weak or too relaxed when it shouldn’t be. For more on infant reflux & chiropractic, read our blog!


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