7 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After This Winter

7 reasons to see a chiropractor

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7 Reasons to See the Chiropractor After This Winter

This endless winter has been brutal.  Surviving it has been no easy feat, and as a result, our mom bodies are a bit worse for the wear.  Here are 7 reasons why you should be heading to the chiropractor after making it to the end of this record-breaking winter:

  1. The Minivan Lunge

If you happen to be a part of the Mini Van Mafia , our not so secret society has a winter maneuver that keeps you warm while bundling up your little ones without ever having to leave your minivan.  Simply push your driver’s seat back, maneuver your foot all the way over the center console and lunge your way into the middle aisle.  Stretchy pants are recommended for this display of athleticism.

  1. The Grocery Bag Strongest Woman Competition

Coming home from the grocery store means attempting to carry all the things into the house with one trip.  Your hands might be numb and your shoulders might ache, but you are determined.  That cold garage air isn't going to be coming into your house more than once.  Doors are closed with feet, and bread might get smashed, but you are Wonder Woman.

  1. If You are Creating Your Own Small Human

Pregnant mamas nearing the end, bless you.  Not only have your internal organs shifted, but you are also the host to what feels like an alien being that’s main job is to kick you in the bladder.  Your little one might also perform an extended synchronized swimming routine at 3 am every single night.

All of that expanding and movement can wreak havoc on your back and pelvis.  Not only are you waddling, but you also have to do a cautious grandma shuffle while walking outside so you don’t slip on ice.

  1. If You Birthed a Tiny Human 

No matter how that little cherub exited your body, your body needs to recover for a while.  All kinds of issues pop up down there in ways that you never expected.  Diastasis recti may have wrecked your stomach muscles.  Sneezing and coughing turn you into an excited puppy who can’t control her bladder.

If you ended up with a FOMO baby, you might not be able to change positions once your little one has finally fallen asleep.  Nursing or holding your baby for an extended amount of time can put a strain on your back or shoulders.

  1. Shoveling Snow After the Plow Comes By

If you are lucky enough to have had either you or your partner finish snow blowing the driveway, Murphy's Law means that the snowplow will be arriving soon after.  That snowplow tends to calve some new glaciers and deposit them onto your escape route after your in-house snow removal person has left.

In desperation, you will try shoveling your way out while your small children "cheer" you on from inside your vehicle.  Due to the massive amounts of snow dumped on our state, you now need to aim that snow over shoulder height.  It's advised to grunt while completing such a task because that is not just ordinary snow you are shoveling.  It's the compacted layers of ice and parental tears from yet another canceled school day, and that is heavy stuff to move.

  1. You Carry Your Stress in Your Shoulders

Your shoulders start to inch their way closer to your ears when you are stressed, cold, or both.  With the amount of school cancellation days we’ve had this season, your shoulders are now touching your earlobes.

Also, your shoulders and lower back are sore because you literally carry your stress around in the form of a tantruming child.  You know, when you carry them around sideways like a thrashing cardboard cutout.

  1. Picking Up All the Toys

Unexpected days off of school means pulling out all the stashed toys you have saved for such an occasion thinking it will make a difference for saving your sanity.  It does not.

Instead, your children will play for those toys for all of five minutes and be done.  And leave them all over your house.  Attempts at cleaning up said toys will work for part of the time. Eventually, you will give up and keep bending over repeatedly to pick up the toys that taunt you.

For your own entertainment, you can pick those toys up in Elle Woods fashion with the Bend and Snap from Legally Blond.  Just be sure not to do the upwards motion too quickly, because now that you are a mom things tend to snap a bit too easily.  If that happens, be sure to check in with Dr. Jesse.