Tips for Headache Relief

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It is estimated that 50% of individuals suffer from headaches and migraines. Headaches also happen to be 3x more prevalent in females. Despite causing significant disability, they remain under diagnosed and under treated. Here we share our unique approach to treating headaches ~ including adjustments + holistic home techniques + stretches!

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There are many different types of headache + migraine conditions that have varying symptoms but all revolve around the primary symptom of head pain.
Chiropractic treatment can be incredibly beneficial in relieving the pain and other debilitating symptoms of headaches such as neck stiffness/tightness, eye pain or light disturbances, and more. 

Chiropractic benefits + goals:

  • Chiropractic adjustments specific for headaches focus on correcting misalignments (particularly in the upper neck + upper back) in order to restore both MUSCULAR + NERVOUS SYSTEM FUNCTION
  • Reduced muscle tightness + improved range of motion
  • Reduced pain ~ those “pain nerves” are no longer yelling at the brain since they are realigned + functioning properly 

One of the biggest keys to finding relief is identifying your individual triggers. This can be easier said than done since triggers can vary so much! One way to approach it is by keeping track of when you are experiencing headaches + any activity or situation that could be associated. The ultimate goal is to identify a pattern! Here are some common headache triggers below that might help you find a place to start! 



Common Triggers

  • Increased stress ~ as we are entering holiday season during a pandemic... Dr. Paige has an amazing explanation of this which is linked above!
  • Hydration + Fuel status : even mild dehydration and lowered blood sugar levels can trigger headaches
  • Poor (sitting) posture
  • Screen use/ increased screen time
  • Allergies ~ including seasonal, scents, + food
    • ‘common’ food allergens/triggers: gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, etc. 
  • Dramatic climate changes: both temperature and dramatic atmospheric pressure changes can cause headaches
  • If you think your headache is being caused by a cold/flu, you may want to check out our Top 8 Sick Season Essentials blog

Tips for Relief at Home

  • REDUCE TRIGGERS! When possible. Or at least try to find a tool to help reduce your triggers affect.
  • Stretches that target neck tightness ~ like the ones in the video above + more HERE.
  • Better sleep practices: aim for 8+ hours, eliminate screen time right before bed, establish a routine with consistent waking / falling asleep times.
  • Peppermint oil: to help with muscle tightness + other general symptoms of headaches and migraines primarily because of the methanol. If using essential oils, make sure your topical solution is diluted properly. 
  • Acupressure points: here is one acupuncture point associated with headache relief that you can perform on yourself! As depicted below, the point is located between the base of the thumb and index finger. The site may be slightly tender, but apply adequate pressure until sensation fades away. 

headache acupuncture points, tips for headache relief

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