Top 7 Products for Pregnancy

top 7 products for pregnancy, prenatal chiropractor, pregnancy care

Our top 7 products we recommend to pregnant women for a pain free pregnancy! Be prepared throughout your pregnancy for any aches + pains! 

1. Chiro for Mom's Prenatal Package

Treat yourself throughout your pregnancy to chiropractic care from our prenatal specialist chiropractors! This package will include: 

  • 14 adjustment + deep tissue stretching session visits

  • Custom stretches at your visits 

  • Subscription to our online course [ more details in #2 ]

  • Prep for labor and delivery

  • Webster Technique starting at 30 weeks

Pregnancy Package Chiro for Moms

 2. Perinatal Online Course 

An Online Course created by Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz! This course is designed to help you live your best pain free life in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Expert advice from dozens of doctors and other health professionals. You will find customized stretches, yoga routines, and workout videos for the most common prenatal, postpartum, and pediatric conditions!

3. Muscle Roller // Foam Roller 

top 7 products for pregnancy

Foam rollers and muscle rolling sticks are both great tools to have on hand for any kind of muscle tightness or stiffness. Both effectively release muscle tension with ease at home. After your pregnancy journey as ended you will still be using it!  Our favorites: Medium Density Round Foam Roller + Muscle Roller Stick

4. Lumbosacral Support Belts


Our Favorite belts [ linked ]:

Lumbosacral support belts help provide support to the pelvis + low back during pregnancy! As Dr. Kayla demos above-- belts are really simple to wear. You can start wearing one at the beginning of your 2nd trimester. Typically we recommend wearing this with any activity or lifting-- including long walks + hikes + bending / twisting movements. Avoid using when you are sitting or lying.

5. Exercise Ball

 top 7 products for pregnancy

Every pregnant woman gets this product recommendation from us! Exercise balls can be used in a variety of ways including some of our favorite stretching techniques. Most commonly it's used as an alternative to a desk chair or couch so pregnant women can sit without pain. Using a ball allows for more mobility in the pelvis so you aren't left with a stiff achy feeling! [BONUS: your babe will love it for tummy time]. Our pick: URBNFit Exercise ball

6. Boppy 

top 7 products for pregnancy
A "boppy" is a wildly common U-shaped pillow. It is loved by so many pregnant women since they can use it throughout pregnancy + postpartum. One of our favorite boppy hacks? Use it as a sleep aid like Dr. Jesse shows below! After pregnancy, this pillow can be used during nursing, feeding, tummy time + even to support sitting up. Here's a link : Boppy Original Nursing Pillow 

7. Epsom Salt

top 7 products for pregnancy
Your body goes through such dramatic changes during pregnancy, both physical and hormonal. With that comes muscle soreness. Addressing these pains in the clinic is our profession, but at home care is essential to any treatment's success. Epsom salt is a great, affordable way to adjunct your care with it's ability to target inflammation. BONUS: it gives momma an excuse to relax in the bath a few times a week. Link :: Epsom Salt 


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