Chiro for Dads | How to Find a Chiro & Our Recommendations

Chiro for Dads | How to Find a Chiro & Our Recommendations
 Chiro for Moms is dedicated to serving women + kidz and their unique health needs. We often get asked, what about dads? In the spirit of Father’s Day, we have compiled a list of chiropractic referrals for men along with a list of questions to keep in mind when choosing a chiropractor! 
Chiro for Dads 

Top 4 Questions to Consider When Looking for a Chiropractor:

1. What type of chiropractic care are you looking for?

Chiropractic care can look very different between clinics as far as the technique + approach to care. Before you decide on a chiro for the men in your life, make sure you keep in mind the ‘type’ of chiropractic care / techniques out there. Below are a few of the common techniques.  If you are looking for adjustments and care similar to that of Chiro for Moms, it is referred to as ‘manual, diversified chiropractic technique’.
Types of Chiropractic Care:
–Manual Diversified Technique 
—Activator technique 
—Drop piece adjustments [Thompson drop]
—Flexion distraction
—Tonal therapy 

Chiro for Moms Chiro for Dads recommendations


2. What therapies do they offer?

Chiropractors can provide a wide variety of soft tissue therapies that come just as diverse as the different techniques they use. At Chiro for Moms + Chiro for Kidz we use deep tissue massage and stretching for our mamas and Craniosacral therapy for our kidz! Below is a list of some of the common therapies chiropractors offer, in case you are seeking a particular modality for your treatment.
—Gait/Exercise Analysis
—Dry needling
—Graston technique
—Ultrasound, Electric STIM, etc. 

Chiro for Moms, Chiro for Dads recommendations


3. What is your goal for care?

Chiropractic care can be used to treat acute or chronic injuries and implemented regularly for overall wellness. Regardless of your goal, you should seek a chiropractor that can support you! Chiropractic appointments can be a stand alone adjustment that takes 5 minutes or a full treatment plan with exercises and therapies that make appointments last longer. Here are some goals to consider:
—Acute injury care [neuro/musculoskeletal]
—Chronic pain
—Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery
—Family care
Chiro for Dads


4. Is it convenient for you?

The two biggest factors to keep in mind with convenience are time and money. You likely want to choose a chiropractor that is conveniently located for you, close to home, work, school, etc. Also keep in mind that different chiropractic clinics take different forms of payment: insurance, HSA, cash, etc. Check out the clinic website for information or call ahead if there is an option best suited for you!

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Our Chiropractic Recommendations for Dads :

more like our clinic with manual treatment + muscle work
more like our clinic with manual treatment + muscle work 
Edina + Maple Grove
more like our clinic with manual treatment + muscle work
Maple Grove
some manual treatment with high focus on rehab
activator method 
BlueOx Chiropractic : Dr. Lance Erickson
manual treatment with muscle work 
Chiropractic Health + Wellness : Dr. Tim Fargo, Dr. Kailey Fargo, Dr. Evenson
manual treatment with rehab options

Our Other Recommendations:

acupuncture + cupping
physical therapy + dry needling 


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