Top 5 Nursing Holds to Save your Back

Top 5 Nursing Holds to Save your Back

Our Top 5 Nursing Holds to Save your Back! We share our nursing tips + red flags to help mamas feel confident and pain free ~ even when nursing for 10+ hours a day.

Top 5 nursing holds to save your back 

"Nursing Shoulder" and "Mom Back" is something we treat every day in the clinic. Undoubtedly this is due to the endless hours each day moms spend holding and nursing their little ones. Save your back + try our tips!


Top 5 Holding Positions for Nursing:

  1. Football hold
  2. Cradle
  3. Cross Cradle
  4. Side laying 
  5. Laid back 

Helpful Feeding Tips:

  • Have baby's whole body facing you while feeding
  • Place baby's nose + chin against breast
  • Support baby's head, neck, and back 
  • Baby should draw both the nipple and areola into their mouth
  • Invest in a Boppy if you haven't already!
  • PRO TIP :: have your babe suck on your finger first [ pictured below ] which will reset their palate so they can achieve a better latch. 

 Top 5 nursing holds to save your back

RED FLAGS: when you should see a professional

  • Nursing style :: repetitively pulling away and relatching 
  • Jerking torso while nursing
  • Crying while latching 
  • Crying after nursing
  • Only nursing at night [ comfortably ]

If you are concerned about how your infant is feeding, our pediatric specialists can be a great first stop. We routinely check for things like tongue and lip ties, which are common oversights. Additionally, baby chiropractic adjustments can help with issues such as colic and reflux!

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