FREE Pregnancy Stretching Program | Pelvic Floor & Core

FREE Pregnancy Stretching Program | Pelvic Floor & Core

Looking for a simple stretching routine for the miscellaneous pregnancy pains? Look no further…

The prenatal chiropractors at Chiro for Moms walk you through each trimester of pregnancy with safe stretches that effectively improve common pain conditions.

The Pregnancy Pelvic Floor & Core Program is FREE and simple to access on YouTube.

Stretching Program With :

— 10 Minute Prenatal Stretching Routines


— Simple month-by-month Video Playlist FREE [YouTube.] Equipment: exercise ball, tennis ball, & other pain relief products
— Stretches & Exercises focus on Common Pregnancy Pain Complaints related to the Pelvis & Core    

Free Stretching Program for Pregnancy Pelvic Floor & Core | Stretch 10

With each month of pregnancy, there are changes that happen in the body that can lead to aches and general discomfort for women. And we see it every day as pregnancy chiropractors! Thats why we wanted to provide a FREE stretching program for pregnancy that focuses on key conditions and pain complaints pregnancy brings!
Feel free to follow along with the month-by-month prenatal stretching videos OR find the video that targets a specific pain condition!
Click the title or the photo to access the corresponding video!


Month 3 — Low Back Pain

Month 4 — Sciatica 

Month 5 — SPD

Pregnancy stretching routine tailbone

Month 6 — Round Ligament 

Month 7 — Tailbone Pain

Rib diaphragm stretching pregnancy Labor & delivery pregnancy stretching

Month 8 - Diaphragm & Rib Pain

Month 9 — Labor & Delivery Prep

Still looking for more pregnancy stretches? Explore our Women’s Stretches & Techniques page.  


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