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Top 4 signs you have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction or pubic symphysis pain)?

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As experts in pregnancy care, we are well versed in symphysis pubis dysfunction (aka : pubic symphysis pain, groin / crotch pain, or the feeling that your pelvis is being torn in two). We are here to share what this pain condition is and help you identify symptoms, as well as provide solutions!

Chiro for moms, what is SPD

Common Symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction:

  • Pubic pain [this can travel to your mid-upper thighs too]
  • Burning sensation in / around crotch 
  • Difficulty walking and using stairs 
  • Feeling like your pubic bone is ‘tearing apart’


The pubic symphysis is the fibrocartilage disc that is found between your two pelvic bones. This cartilagenous disc is very similar to the discs that are found between your spinal segments. The ultimate role of this small structure  is to help distribute force evenly throughout the pelvis and assist in it’s stability.

Top 4 signs you have SPD


During pregnancy, there is ‘dysfunction’ in this area caused by all the adaptations required to make room for baby. Experts believe that up to 25% of women will experience symphysis pubis dysfunction during their pregnancy. The 2 big changes : increased laxity of the pelvic ligaments + the outward stretching that occurs at the front of your pelvis.

chiro for moms online prenatal course

What does Chiropractic Care do for SPD?

  • Adjustments: realign the pelvis and release any tension in the soft tissues
  • Webster Technique: Specific to pregnancy! This technique’s main goal is to neutralize the pelvis. [follow link for more info!]
  • Stretching: addressing tight muscles that surround the pelvis like the psoas and piriformis muscles. The stretches above are a sneak preview to our Prenatal Course!

There are more home techniques and solutions in our Prenatal Online Course. We cover a variety of pain conditions like low back pain, SPD, sciatica, and more! We’ve collaborated with 17+ health professionals to bring helpful techniques into your home. 

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