top 7 products for pregnancy, prenatal chiropractor, pregnancy care

Top 7 Products for Pregnancy

Top 7 products we recommend to pregnant women for a pain free pregnancy! 
top 10 stretches you need this holiday season, car stretches, home stretching

Top 5 Stretches you Need this Holiday Season

Top 5 stretches to help with muscle discomfort this holiday season! Check out our ideas using tools you already have in your home + specific ideas for the car!
small business saturday, new patient discount

small business saturday : new patient discounts

This coming Saturday, November 28, we celebrate Small Business Saturday! This year has caused us to reflect on what is was like to be a small business in 2020. And although there were many trials...
tips for headache relief, headache relief for pregnancy, headache relief for kids, headache relief without pills

Tips for Headache Relief

It is estimated that 50% of individuals suffer from headaches and migraines. Headaches also happen to be 3x more prevalent in females! Despite them causing significant disability, it remains underdiagnosed and undertreated. We share our unique...
Our 8 Sick Season Essentials

Our 8 Sick Season Essentials

Cold + flu season is approaching quickly. To keep you + your family healthy, we made a list of Chiro for Moms top 8 sick season essentials! There are chiropractic benefits to immunity but this list...
Top 10 reasons to see a pediatric chiropractor

Top 10 Reasons to See a Pediatric Chiropractor!

Chiropractor for kids? What are the benefits of seeing a specialized pediatric chiropractor? The TOP 10 Pediatric Conditions that we can help your child with + all common questions we are getting in the clinic...
Giving Back to Postpartum Mothers!

Giving Back to Postpartum Mothers!

CHIRO FOR MOMS is partnering with Better Beginnings Postpartum Doula Care to *** GIVE BACK *** and offer complimentary care to postpartum mamas in need RIGHT NOW!  In light of the Covid crisis - we've seen...


We'll be gone for some R & R for 2 weeks 8/2 - 8/16 ... here are some resources while we're away!
prenatal, postpartum, + pediatric nutrition

Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric Nutrition

Dr. Kayla shares information on prenatal - postpartum - and pediatric nutrition!  Keep it simple!!!